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solutions in fabrics and designs

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Tissue sourcing

We bring fabrics from the main producing countries.

We represent the best manufacturers in the world and we have an updated showroom full of news and following market trends.

Our structure and specific way of working for this sector makes us efficient, close and professional with any request.

We are committed to bringing sustainable fabrics to our customers.

We work with flat, circular and innovative fabrics, having the exclusive of some of them with large stockists that allow us great speed.

Findings sourcing

We have a wide range of samples.

We can develop and create to suit the client, always respecting the canons of "Clear to wear" or similar.

Garment design


We provide our design team to our clients who need advice or the creation of commercial garment designs for the fashion sector.


  • Creation of charts and sample meters.

  • Large stamping collection.

  • Production at source according to the customer's need for price and lead time.

Finished garment


We have a factory in Morocco and Turkey for the possibility of producing finished garments.

Contact us

Do you have any question?

We will be happy to solve it.

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